ClientTransaction sizePrimary
(note a)
1Santa Barbara Foundation (note b)$1,000,000524,266
Sale of KDB-FM (Santa Barbara, CA) 2014
2Friends of myvradio (note b)$450,00025,641
Acquisition of WMEX-FM (Martha's Vineyard, MA) 2013
3South Dakota Board of Directors$420,000199,929
Acquisition of KCSD-FM (Sioux Falls, SD) 2013
4Western Illinois University$25,0004,223
Acquisition of K239AF (Burlington, IA) 2013
5The Working Group (note e)$250,000
Financing through Public Radio Fund (Oakland, Calif.) 2013
6Radio Bilingue (note e)$400,000
Financing through Public Radio Fund (Fresno, Calif.) 2013
7Public Television 19, Inc/KCPT (note g)$1,650,0001,317,900
Acquisition of KTBG-FM (Kansas City, Kansas) 2013
WKTL-FM Operating Agreement (Youngstown, Ohio) 2013
9University of Texas$6,000,0001,554,653
Acquisition of KXBT (Austin, Texas) 2012
10The Working Group (note e)$170,000
Financing through Public Radio Fund (Oakland, Calif.) 2012
11Radio Bilingue (note e)$400,000
Financing through Public Radio Fund (Fresno, Calif.) 2012
12WXEL Public Broadcasting (note e)$2,000,000
Financing through Public Radio Fund (West Palm Beach, Fla.) 2012
13Delaware First Media (note e)$105,000117,641
Financing through Public Radio Fund (Dover, Del.) 2012
14Classical Public Radio Network$3,750,0001,772,557
Acquisition of KUSF (San Francisco, Calif.) 2012
15University of Missouri $40,000117,198
Acquisition of WQUB (Quincy Ill.) 2012
16University of Southern California$7,500,0002,057,105
Acquisition of KXSC (Sunnyvale, Calif.) 2012
17Colorado Public Radio$12,000,000
Refinancing (Denver, Colo.) 2012
18Marfa Public Radio Corporation (note e)$175,000
Financing through Public Radio Fund (Marfa, Texas) 2011
19University of Southern California $205,00078,854
Acquisition of K212AA (Los Gatos, Calif.)
20Ohio State University$2,000,000
Sale of WOSU-AM (Columbus, Ohio) 2011
21Listeners Community Radio of Utah $225,000106,617
Sale of KZCL-FM (Logan, Utah) 2011
22Iowa Public Radio $1,750,000421,783
Acquisition of KZHZ-FM (Patterson, Iowa) and KZHC-FM (Pleasantville, Iowa) 2011
23The Wheeler School491,747
WELH-FM Operating Agreement (Providence, R.I.) 2011
24University of Alabama$1,100,000891,671
Acquisition of WHIL-FM (Mobile, Ala.) 2011
25Radio Bilingue (notes e,f)$650,000
Financing through Public Radio Fund (Denver, Colo.) 2011
26Denver Educational Broadcasting Inc. (note e)$500,000
Financing through Public Radio Fund (Denver, Colo.) 2011
27Northern Kentucky University $6,750,0003,300,000
Acquisition of WPAY-FM & WPFB-FM/AM (Cincinnati, Ohio) 2011
28Marfa Public Radio Corporation$300,000141,272
Acquisition of KOCV-FM (Odessa, Texas) 2011
29Essential Public Media$6,000,0001,784,349
Acquisition of WDUQ-FM (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 2011
30Essential Public Media (note e)$2,500,000
Financing (WDUQ-FM in Pittsburgh, Pa.) 2011
31KOCE Foundation (note e)$4,527,305
Re-financing (KOCE-TV, in Huntington Beach, Calif.) 2010
32WFCR Foundation (note e)$420,0002,110,123
Financing through Public Radio Fund (Amherst, Mass.) 2010
33University of Houston$9,932,0004,018,325
Acquisition of KTRU-FM (Houston, Texas.) 2010
34Vermont Public Radio$435,00046,515
Acquisition of WVXR-FM (Randolph, Vt.) 2010
35University of South Florida$1,275,000793,757
Acquisition of WSMR-FM (Sarasota, Fla.) 2010
36Ohio State University (note d)$4,871,000917,373
Acquisition of WWCD-FM (Columbus, Ohio) 2010
37American Public Media Group$4,050,0001,801,694
Acquisition of WXEL-FM (West Palm Beach, Fla.) 2010
38Long Island University$850,000133,413
Sale of WLIU-FM (Southampton, New York.) 2010
39Colorado Public Radio$8,300,000
Re-financing (KVOD-FM, prev. KFDN, in Denver, Colo.) 2010
40eTown (note e)$2,300,000
Financing through Public Radio Fund (Boulder, Colo.) 2010
41WGBH Educational Foundation$14,000,0004,006,875
Acquisition of WCRB-FM (Boston, Mass.) 2009
42North Texas Public Broadcasting, Inc.$18,000,0005,901,402
Acquisition of KVTT-FM (Dallas, Texas) 2009
43North Texas Public Broadcasting, Inc. (note f)$17,500,000
Financing (KVTT-FM in Dallas, Texas) 2009
44Cincinnati Public Radio336,390
WMUB-FM Operating Agreement (Oxford, Ohio) 2009
45University of Southern California$1,200,000220,327
Acquisition of KXTY-FM (Morro Bay, Calif.) 2009
46Lakeshore Public Media$1,050,000129,720
Acquisition of WWLO-FM (Lowell, Ind.) 2008
47Wasatch Public Media (note e)$2,818,000
Financing (KCPW-FM in Salt Lake City, Utah) 2008
48Capital Public Radio$4,700,000947,302
Acquisition of KUOP-FM (Stockton, Calif.) 2008
49New Hampshire Public Radio$6,000,000
Financing for new building, studios and equipment (New Hampshire) 2008
50California Lutheran University$1,440,000538,165
Acquisition of KIST-AM (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2008
51Wasatch Public Media$2,400,000830,361
Acquisition of KCPW-FM (Salt Lake City, Utah) 2008
52American Public Media$1,000,000141,432
Acquisition of KBXO-FM (Coachella, Calif.) 2008
53Colorado Public Radio$8,200,000
Financing (KFDN-FM in Denver, Colo.) 2008
54Colorado Public Radio$8,200,0002,548,279
Acquisition of KFDN-FM (Denver, Colo.) 2008
55North Texas Music Foundation$500,000
Sale of a CP in Stephenville, Texas 2007
56American Public Media Group$20,000,0004,302,125
Acquisition of WMCU-FM (Miami, Fla.) and a translator (West Palm Beach, Fla.) 2007
57Santa Fe Community College30,000
Swap of KSFR-FM for KSFQ-FM in Santa Fe, N.Mex. (owned by Educational Media Foundation) 2007
58University of Pennsylvania$4,335,0001,247,380
Acquisition of WZXM-FM and a translator (Middletown, Pa. & Harrisburg, Pa.) 2007
59University of Pennsylvania$1,250,000
Sale of WXPH-FM (Harrisburg, Pa.) 2007
60Northeast Indiana Public Radio$1,750,000454,177
Acquisition of WCKZ-FM (Ft. Wayne, Ind.) 2006
61Jacksonhole Community Radio$18,00017,159
Acquisition of KURT-FM (CP) (Jackson, Wyo.) 2006
62Capital Community Broadcasting$676,40030,000
Acquisition of KFMG-FM and KSRJ-FM (Juneau, Alaska) 2006
63University of Massachusetts$725,000
Sale of WSMU-FM (N. Dartmouth, Mass.) 2006
64Vermont Public Radio$147,00026,617
Acquisition of a CP (Brighton, Vt.) 2006
65Cincinnati Public Radio$411,000
Sale of WVXA-FM (Rogers City, Mich.) 2006
66Cincinnati Public Radio$200,000
Sale of WVXH-FM (Harrison, Mich.) 2006
67Cincinnati Public Radio$380,000
Sale of WVXM-FM (Manistee, Mich.) 2006
68Puget Sound Public Radio$500,000202,222
Acquisition of KVSN-AM (Olympia, Wash.) 2006
69Puget Sound Public Radio$6,000,000
Financing (KXOT-FM in Seattle-Tacoma, Wash.) 2006
70Puget Sound Public Radio
Operating agreement with PRC for KXOT in Wash. 2006
71Oklahoma State University$130,00050,700
Acquisition of two translators (Bixby & Okmulgee, Okla.) 2005
72Radio Bilingue$50,00039,412
Acquisition of KVFR-FM (CP) (Laytonville, Calif.) 2005
73Cincinnati Public Radio$15,000,000
Financing (Cincinnati, Ohio) 2005
74Cincinnati Public Radio$15,000,0002,293,533
Acquisition of 7 Xavier University Stations (Cincinnati, Ohio) 2005 (note c)
75WMHT Educational Communications$1,500,000225,424
Acquisition of WBKK-FM (Amsterdam, N.Y.) 2005
76Oklahoma State University $4,000,000366,025
PRC Acquisition of KGND on Behalf of OSU (Tulsa, Okla.) 2004/2005
77Oklahoma State University $7,000,000626,001
Financing (Oklahoma City & Tulsa, Okla.) 2004/2005
78University of Iowa$450,00056,312
Acquisition/Financing - KIIC-FM (Lamoni, Iowa) 2004
79San Diego State University$1,100,000100,601
Acquisition of KQVO FM (Calexico, Calif.) 2004
80Boulder Community Broadcast Associates$4,100,0002,710,616
Acquisition of KJME-AM (Denver, Colo.) 2004
81Radio for Milwaukee 1,294,279
WYMS-FM Operating Agreement (Milwaukee, Wisc.) 2004
82GBH Telecommunications $3,927,00094,866
Represented in the FCC Auction (Brewster, Mass.) 2004
83Joy Public Broadcasting $1,200,000300,009
Sale of WJTM-FM (Frederick, Md.) 2004
84High Plains Public Radio $1,200,000239,829
Acquisition KAEZ-FM Station (Amarillo, Texas) 2004
85Nevada Public Radio$250,000111,132
Acquisition of KZBS-FM (CP) (St. George, Utah) 2004
86KBPS Foundation $5,500,0001,902,001
Acquisition of KBPS-FM (Portland, Ore.) 2003
87Northeast Public Radio /WAMC $500,000618,461
Acquisition of WAMC-AM (Albany, N.Y.) 2003
88Bates Technical College$5,000,0002,181,922
PRC Acquisition of KBTC-FM from Bates (Tacoma, Wash.) 2003/2005
89Chicago Public Radio 763,058
WLUW-FM Operating Agreement (Chicago, Ill.) 2003
90KQED Inc. $3,000,000451,131
Acquisition of KQEI-FM (Sacramento, Calif.) 2003
91Park City Community Wireless $2,400,0002,085,744
Financing (Salt Lake City, Utah.) 2003
92Nashville Public Radio $3,000,0001,029,856
Acquisition of WQDQ-AM (Nashville, Tenn.) 2002
93Chicago Public Radio $550,000100,054
Acquisition of WBEW-FM (Chesterton, Ind.) 2002
94Nashville Public Radio $5,690,000
Financing (Nashville, Tenn.) 2001/2002
95Johns Hopkins University $5,000,0001,679,312
Sale of WYPR-FM (Baltimore, Md.) 2001/2002
96WGBH Educational Foundation $1,500,00040,758
Merger of WCAI/WNAN with WGBH (Cape Islands, Mass.) 2001
97Colorado Public Radio $4,200,0002,394,709
Acquisition of KCFR-AM (Denver, Colo.) 2001
98Colorado Public Radio $6,300,000
Financing (Denver, Colo.) 2001/2002
 Transaction Total$316,222,70568,716,682
 (a) The column represents the public media service area expanded or preserved by each transaction. Population coverage within the 60dBu (1.0mV/m ) FCC contour. The 60dBu coverage area is considered to be the primary coverage area for a non-commercial FM station and is the contour that is protected from interference by the FCC. Population predictions based upon V-Soft Communications - Probe 3 with Longley-Rice propagation model for the FMs (at 9.1m receiver height above ground) and FCC contour daytime coverage for the AMs. 2000 Census Data for sales before 2004; 2004 Census estimates for sales between 2003 and 2007; 2007 US Census estimated for sales between 2008 and 2010; and 2010 US Census estimates for sales in 2011 on.
 (b) Pending FCC approval.
 (c) Including: WVXU-FM/ Cincinnati, Ohio; WVXC-FM/ Chillicothe, Ohio; WVXR-FM/Richmond, Ind.; WVXH-FM/Harrison, Mich.; WVXW-FM/West Union, Ohio; WVXA-FM/Rogers City, Mich.; WVXM-FM/Manistee, Mich.
 (d) Transaction size based on net present value of cash flows associated with the purchase price and sellers note, discounted at 3%.
 (e) Transaction amount reflects total amount committed.
 (f) Loan paid in full.
 (g) Transaction total amount includes $550,000 in non-cash consideration. Primary coverage represents potential coverage of the proposed upgraded signal for KTBG-FM.