Public Radio Capital is a national nonprofit that provides comprehensive consulting services for strengthening, expanding and financing public media in communities nationwide. As project managers and trusted advisors, PRC’s experienced staff members create, support and lead public media projects at local and national levels.

Turn ideas into viable business options.


PRC provides a wide range of business planning and strategic consulting services, including license valuations, operational assessments and expansion opportunity modeling.
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PRC helps organizations secure new channels, grow audiences, launch new formats and preserve existing stations. Acquire a station>

Revolving Public Media Fund (RPMF)

New York based nonprofit FJC: A Foundation of Philanthropic Funds established a $100,000 fund at Public Radio Capital (PRC) to spur growth and innovation in public broadcasting. The Revolving Public Media Fund (RPMF) helps public media organizations by subsidizing a significant portion of PRC’s consulting and strategic planning services. Four recipients have projects underway and RPMF is currently accepting new applicants. This is a great opportunity to realize your public media vision - Apply now!  

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To date the Fund has committed a total of $8.8 million to 9 public media organizations and 2 program producers nationwide.

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Sale of KDB-FM (Santa Barbara, CA) 2014

Transaction size 1,000,000
Population coverage 524,266


Acquisition of WMEX-FM (Martha's Vineyard, MA) 2013

Transaction size 450,000
Population coverage 25,641


Acquisition of KCSD-FM (Sioux Falls, SD) 2013

Transaction size 420,000
Population coverage 199,929